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Absolute pressure sensor 741.3829 (12569240)

It is an analog sensor GM 12569240, 6238927, 16137039, 16254719 and 14.3814.


Supplied on a conveyor

Applicable NEXIA cars, LANOS, Chance 8-valve engine (other names - GAUGE VACUUM or SENSOR A-MAP).

Main Specifications:

  • Rated voltage, 5 V.
  • The maximum current consumption of less than 15 mA at a supply voltage of 5 V.
  • Operating pressures of 15 - 102 kPa.
  • Weight sensor 65g.

The uniqueness of the product:

  • advanced technologies with the use of modern imported element base - "Motorolla" manufactured chip, thus increasing the reliability of the pressure sensor in comparison with existing analogues in several times.
  • Quite a long period of testing on the road - 1.5 years. Most important: sensor has been successfully tested two winter periods from -5 C to -37 C. As a result of the positive tests, it was decided to establish an unprecedented guarantee for absolute pressure sensor.

Manufacturer's Warranty:

Guarantee - 5 years.

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