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An absolute pressure sensor with an integrated Temperature sensor 744.3829

Analogue sensor A2S53257696, 110308 0239010, SIEMENS SME 5WK96930-R, additional articles: 5WK9693Z, 03D 906,051, A2C53257696, ATPTSNSR.0239


The sensor is a combination sensor of the absolute pressure in the manifold with integrated temperature sensor. The sensor is installed at the suction nozzle at an angle of ± 80 ° vertically, oriented in the direction of the NTC.

  • engine UMZ-4216 EURO-3, Gazelle Business
  • a / m ZAZ Sens Rep production from 2008 to the controller M 10.3 bits. MeMZ
  • AUDI A2, A4 / VW BORA, GOLF / SKODA 1.4-2.0FSI andother.

Main Specifications:

  • Operating temperature range from minus (40 ± 3) to plus (125 ± 3) ° C.
  • Operating pressures of 15 - 115 kPa.
  • Nominal voltage supply sensor (5,00 ± 0,25) B.
  • Current consumption is not more than 10.0 mA at the maximum supply voltage.

Manufacturer's Warranty:

Robotic assembly and use of the latest imported equipment allowed to increase service life and reliability of the sensor, which is confirmed by tests in independent laboratories.

Warranty - 36 months.

In confirmation of our guarantee on quality, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the independent road tests on site WWW.CHIPTUNER.RU

Subject: Absolute Pressure Sensor dv.UMZ and MeMZ

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