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Coolant temperature plastic 423.3828

It is an analog sensor and 405213. 23.3828, vazovskaya number 2112-3851010


423.3828P sensor designed to measure the coolant temperature in the water outlet conduit "shirt" engine cylinder head composed of an engine control system with an electronic module (ECM). The sensor is used to VAZ, ZAZ equipped ECM, interchangeable with foreign counterparts and can be used to import cars.

Main Specifications:

  • Nominal voltage, V3,4 (± 0,3)
  • Resistance at 15 ° C, 4033 ... 4838 ohm
  • Resistance at 128 ° C, 76.7 ... 85.1 Ohm
  • Yield stress at 15 ° C, 92.1 ... 93.3%
  • The voltage output at 128 ° C,% 18.1 ... 19.7
  • The size of a key S19
  • Thread M3 / 8 "
  • Weight, kg 0.010

Manufacturer's Warranty:

In the conditions of urban use of ICE operation is very dynamic. Accordingly, it changes sharply in these conditions the coolant temperature. However, the existing temperature sensors have large inertia. Proposed sensor modifies the existing concept of the coolant temperature sensor ICE.

As the heat-conducting element protrudes, actually, the sensor body made of a special high plastic with high heat-conducting properties. Thermal conductivity of this material is comparable with the thermal conductivity of aluminum. The use of this design dramatically increases the sensitivity of the sensor to changes in fluid temperature. Eliminates the temperature inertia of engine management systems. ECM timely response to changes in temperature has a positive effect on engine management.

Coolants based on ethylene glycol (antifiriz, antifreeze) have high penetrating power. Use of an elastic sealing ring with a new complete sensor significantly increases the sealing compound. You do not need to make significant efforts at tightening the sensor, in contrast to the usual pattern, with copper or aluminum washer, make enough time 2-3 Nm.

Furthermore, the sensor housing made from special plastics has superior corrosion stoykoystyu compared to conventional sensors with housings made of brass.

The sensor is protected by patents of the Russian Federation № 105 366.

Installation instructions:

removed from the vehicle defective sensor, install the sensor 423.3828P- tightness produce a torque wrench and tightening torque should not exceed 2-3 Nm.

Price - 50 rubles.