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Ignition coil 406.3705-04AT

It is an analogue of 406.3705, 3012.3705, 21083-3705010

Application: VAZ-2109, VAZ-21099, VAZ-1111 "Oka", GAZ-3110, GAZ-2705 (Gazelle), GAZ-2217 (Sobol), UAZ 3160, GAZ-3302 (2004), UAZ 31519.

The ignition coil is designed for generating a high voltage, the charge accumulation time in katushkezazhiganiya regulated by the control unit.


  • Power voltage: 6 ... 18V.
  • primary inductance at the frequency of 100 Hz: 2,22 ± 0,2mGn.
  • Output voltage: not less than 24kV.
  • switching current in the primary circuit: no more than 7.5A.
  • The energy of the spark discharge not less 50mDzh.
  • The frequency of the current in the primary circuit switching: 1 ... 133Gts.
  • Coil Weight: 0.65 kg.

Warranty - 12 months.

The product is certified.