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Mass air flow sensor 037 DMRV

Vazovskiy nommer 21083-1130010

The company "Autotrade" started assembling the mass air flow sensor DMRV 037 and 116. In order to reduce the cost of pre-production, our company has made a decision on the purchase of body parts in Taiwan. Making the printed circuit board is carried out on the equipment SMD-mounting. The assembly and testing of the sensor is performed on imported equipment.


  • DMRV 037 analogue sensor f. BOSCH 0280218037 VAZ 2111, 2112, 2123, 21214 controllers M1.5.4, "January-5.1", "January-5.1.1", "January-5.1.2", "January-5.1.3" . VS-5.1, MP.7.0, 3110 GAZ, Gazelle, Sobol, UAZ Hunter UAZ Patriot - driving. 405, 409
  • DMRV 116 analogue sensor f. BOSCH 0280218116 VAZ 21114, 21124, 21214, Kalina, Prior controllers 7.9.7 M, "January-7.2".

The sensor is mounted between the air filter and hose inlet pipe. DMRV signal is a DC voltage detection value of which depends on the amount and direction of air flow passing through the sensor. With direct air flow sensor voltage output signal varies in the range 1-5 V.

Manufacturer's Warranty:

The reliability of the sensor is confirmed by a road test. Warranty - 12 months.

We provide delivery to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara region, Tatarstan, Sverdlovsk Region and the Novosibirsk region, Krasnodar territory.