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Oxygen sensor 134 Reno analog DK 7700103504 after catalyst

The oxygen sensor 134 after DC catalyst (lambda probes), an analog 7700103504, BOSCH 0258986615

The oxygen sensor is going to a modern high-tech equipment.

Through the use of modern materials improved application quality of the working material of zirconia, which provided a more reliable operation of the entire sensor.

Application: cars Renault

Main Specifications:

  • Rated voltage of the sensor supply - 12 V.
  • The rated current of the heater chain - (1, 35 ± 0,2) A.
  • RTT ramp-up from 300 to 600 mV and decline from 600 to 300 mV should be less than 125 ms.
  • 100g of the sensor mass.

Manufacturer's Warranty:

The reliability of the sensor is checked operational tests on cars, as well as bench testing, 12 months

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