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DK889 oxygen sensor (lambda probe, the analog DELPHI OSP + 25368889) 3163-3826011

Four-sensor, with a heater for use in the system of neutralization of exhaust gases of car engines, both as control supporting air-fuel ratio λ = 1, as well as a diagnostic sensor for controlling the composition of the mixture of the catalytic converter in the diagnostic system.

The oxygen sensor is going to a modern high-tech equipment. The difference between this sensor from existing analogues is that a sensitive oxygen sensor element (manufacture Taiwan) made the new film technology (while the majority of the oxygen sensor from China, counterfeits BOSCH, DELPHI test tube manufactured by technology).

Through the application of the film coating technology has improved the quality of the working material of zirconia, which provided a more reliable operation of the entire sensor.


  • A / GAZ, UAZ Euro 2 with the control unit MIKAS 11 bits. Sem. ZMZ-406.
  • A / GAZ Euro 3 from control unit 11 MIKAS ET bits. Sem. ZMZ-406.
  • A / GAZ Euro 3 from control unit 11 MIKAS CR, dd. DCC.
  • A / GAZ, UAZ Euro 3 to the control unit M 10.3 bits. UMP.
  • A / m ZAZ SENS Rep MIKAS control unit with 7.6, 10.3 M controllers, dd. MeMZ.

Main Specifications:

  • Rated voltage of the sensor supply - 12 V.
  • The rated current of the heater chain - (1, 35 ± 0,2) A.
  • RTT ramp-up from 300 to 600 mV and decline from 600 to 300 mV should be less than 125 ms.
  • The resistance of the heater circuit in the cold state at ambient temperature (20 ± 3) ° C to be (9 ± 2) ohms.
  • 100g of the sensor mass.

Manufacturer's Warranty:

The reliability of the sensor is checked operational tests on cars, as well as bench testing, 12 months

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