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Temperature sensor AT TM111-02 electronic

It is an analog sensor TM111-02


GAZ, MAZ, tractors "Belarus"

Sensor signaling coolant temperature for controlling the maximum temperature of the engine cooling system

Main Specifications:

  • With the inclusion of temperature, 105 degrees (+ 4 / -3)
  • Size under the S19 key
  • Thread R3 / 8 "
  • Weight, kg 0,044

Manufacturer's Warranty:

Use of a completely new design has increased the service life and reliability of electronic temperature sensor TM111-02 AT, i.e. increased thermal conductivity, the additional fault protection., Resource sensor is increased by 10 times. Confirmed by tests in independent laboratories.

Great impact on resource sensor material has electrical contacts. In the best of times they made of silver. Later they began to use copper tipped with silver (0.5 mm thick). Now more and more manufacturers use copper with silver-plated contacts. The thickness of the silver layer 20-20 microns. The electrical load on the sensor contacts - relay winding coil. The type of load - Inductive. At the time of closure and especially at the moment of opening of the contacts therebetween occurs spark (arc), breaking the surface contacts. Ultimately contacts or completely destroyed or fused, which also leads to the output of the sensor system.

Analysis of 150 pcs. TM111-02 type sensors require replacement on vehicles family GAS (obtained from service stations and around Moscow) showed that the main reason for their exit from the system - the degradation of bimetallic discs (72%). The life of the average type sensor TM111-02 is 1-1.5 years. Single copies "die" after a month of summer intensive use of the car.

Specialists of the Kaluga factory "Avtotreid" developed and implemented in the production of functional analogs TM111 and TM111-02 sensors. Analogs are fully compatible in size housings and electrical connections.

A feature of the sensors from the "Avtotreid" is a fully electronic design. As the temperature sensing element used digital integrated circuit having very stable settings, unlike the bimetallic disc. As the switching element (electric contact) applies power transistor. Semiconductor electronic components do not have a limit on the number of cycles on / off as opposed to electromechanical contacts. Driving device includes protection elements against electromagnetic pulses from the relay coil at the time of on / off. Old-timers will remember how much easier was the operation of the car after the appearance of the electronic ignition switch. The new sensors from Kaluga implemented similar solutions in the part concerning the exclusion of mechanical sparking contacts of an electrical circuit.

To the delight of motorists and to the indignation of manufacturers of conventional type TM111-02 sensors "Autotrade" released on the market practically "eternal" sensor, while its price is even lower than that of the sensors produced by traditional technology.

Warranty - 36 months.

We provide delivery to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara region, Tatarstan, Sverdlovsk Region and the Novosibirsk region, and so on.

The company "Autotrade" manufacture according customer specifications various temperature sensors.