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The fuel pressure sensor and temperature 743.3829

It is an analogue of BOSCH 0261230112, 0281002953 Sensor

Catalog number YaMZ 5340.1130552

temperature and the fuel pressure sensor is installed in a low-pressure fuel system after the transfer pump, and detects the temperature of the fuel pressure at the inlet of the high pressure pump. Depending on its adjusted signal cycle fuel supply volume with respect to temperature and pressure fuel system diagnosis is performed.

The sensor may be used to control the pressure and temperature of the oil in the engine.

  • Measuring range -50-600 kPa pressure.
  • overload pressure - not less than 1,000 kPa. After exposure to a high-pressure sensor is considered to be unusable.
  • Pressure overload without losing tightness - at least 1500 kPa.
  • Voltage sensor supply - 5 V +/- 0.25 V.