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The pressure sensor and the charge air temperature 742.3829

Supplied on a conveyor

It is an analog sensor BOSCH 0281006102,

Catalog number YaMZ 651.1130548, 5340.1130548

number 245-3700830 MMP-P


aut. Lawns Next dv.YaMZ-5344 EURO-4 cars with YaMZ, cars with engine MMZ D-245.7E4, foreign cars

OEM number: 55219299; 504372225; 5443722250; 837073934; 0000504372225; 5043722250

Pressure and temperature sensor detects the temperature of the charge air and the air pressure in the engine intake manifold. Temperature and air pressure necessary for determining the air mass flow and adjusting the fuel supply cycle to limit the motor opacity.


  • Measuring range -50-400 kPa pressure.
  • Overload pressure - at least 600 kPa.
  • Pressure overload without losing tightness - at least 1000 kPa.
  • Voltage sensor supply - 5 V +/- 0.25 V.

Manufacturer's Warranty:

Robotic assembly and use of the latest imported equipment allowed to increase service life and reliability of the sensor, which is confirmed by tests in independent laboratories.

Warranty - 36 months.

We provide delivery to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara region, Tatarstan, Sverdlovsk Region and the Novosibirsk region, and so on.

The company "Autotrade" manufacture according customer specifications various pressure sensors.