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The regulator of idling with a protective rod IAC 2112-1148300 (21.1148300)

IAC is an analog 2112-1148300-03, 2112-1148300-04.


Supplied on a conveyor

Regulator idling IAC 2112-1148300 (21.1148300) used in electronic systems VAZ engine control cars, ZAZ for controlling the engine crankshaft speed.

IAC IAC 2112-1148300 (21.1148300) with a protective rod equipped with a metal tip, steel (on the recommendation of automobile), which significantly increases its service life and can operate with gas equipment.

IAC adjusts the crank shaft rotational speed at idle, in accordance with the load of the engine when the throttle is closed and controls the amount of air supplied, bypassing the throttle valve closed

Main Specifications:

  • Working stroke when moving to steps 250 mm - 10.4 ± 0.04
  • voltage range, V - from 7.5 to 14.2
  • Developing stem extension force at a rate of 333 steps / s, however, H - 8.0
  • The effective diameter of the isolation valve, mm - 7.5
  • Ingress Protection according to GOST 14254-80 - IP-55

terms of Use

  • Temperature, C - from -40 to +130
  • Relative humidity at + 40C,% not more than - 95
  • Atmospheric pressure, mm Hg. Art. - from 630 to 800
  • Overall dimensions - 66x54x32
  • Weight, kg - 0.15

Manufacturer's Warranty:

Applied indoor bearing protective rod and the ferrule, which provides additional protection against oil and resinous deposits contained in the crankcase gas, which greatly increases the life of the IAC.

Warranty - 12 months.

The product is certified ROSS RU.MT14.V25332

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