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The speed sensor of the front wheel ABS 537.3843 Viburnum priora

Analogue sensor 0265007885, 1118-3538350


  • Cars Kalina, Priora

ABS sensor - contactless wheel speed sensor is designed for vehicles equipped with a variety of electronic active safety control systems and auxiliary systems. The speed sensor is a basic measurement element providing work antiblocking system (ABS), sideslip system (ESC) and traction control system

The gap between the front wheel velocity sensor and a front wheel rotor teeth should be (0,45-1,55) mm.

Terms of Use:

  • Temperature, C - -45 to +130
  • Relative humidity at + 40C,% not more than - 95
  • Atmospheric pressure, mm Hg. Art. - from 630 to 800
  • sensors must be stored in a group of 3 to GOST 15150-69

Manufacturer's Warranty:

Reliability of the ABS sensor, confirmed by tests in independent laboratories.

Warranty - 12 months.